Climatecare Extends Partnership With Burn In Kenya To Issue Gold Standard Carbon Credits

ClimateCare is pleased to announce it has extended its partnership with stove manufacturer, Burn Manufacturing to widen access to affordable, energy efficient cooking stoves in Kenya.
The programme uses climate finance to support the manufacture and distribution of Burn’s market leading ‘Jikokoa’ stove, that dramatically reduces charcoal consumption and diminishes the negative environmental and social impacts of cooking.
Household adoption of clean cooking stoves reduces exposure to hazardous indoor air pollutants, a primary cause of respiratory disease, improving the health of the cooks, typically women and children. The stove’s innovative ‘natural draft’ technology reduces fuel consumption and cooking time by up to 50%, freeing up income which would have otherwise been spent on fuel.
Peter Scott, CEO, at Burn said, “The programme has already supplied over 200,000 clean cooking stoves, impacting the lives of over one million people in Kenya and generating saving of more than 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. A household can save between $150-$250 a year on fuel, which goes a long way in Kenya, especially when considering 42% of our customers exist on less than $2 a day. Additionally, we have created more than 400 jobs, including 125 in our solar powered manufacturing factory – 50% of which are occupied by women.”
Today, 68% of Kenya’s primary household energy still comes from woody biomass. The majority of this is burnt on smoky open fires and inefficient cooking stoves, leading to air pollution and contributing to climate change. Demand for wood fuel and charcoal also leads to deforestation, devastates biodiversity, reduces habitat for endangered species and reduces carbon uptake by forests. Burn’s fuel efficient cooking stoves, have a key role to play in reducing this impact on the environment.
Carbon reductions under this project have been measured and independently verified by Gold Standard, which have issued a further 150,000 tonnes of VER credits, now available to purchase exclusively through ClimateCare.
Tom Morton, ClimateCare’s Director in Kenya stated, “Biomass, in the form of wood and charcoal, is the largest source of primary energy in Kenya. We are delighted to partner with Burn, whose innovative factory outside Nairobi is making very high quality cookstoves, that are transforming how Kenyans cook. By purchasing Gold Standard credits from this project, companies will not only reduce carbon emissions, they will finance a world-leading community-impact project that delivers against a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: reducing deforestation, tackling fuel poverty and reducing household air pollution.”