COVID-19 has exposed the need for science reporting

By Joseph Checky Abuje


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need for partnership between Scientists and the fourth estate to help build the capacities in reporting science and help offer solutions to emerging health challenges.

According to Onche Odeh, African STI News Editor in Nigeria, despite the role the African journalists continue to play in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic, there still exist coverage gap in scientific reporting.

He said, the Media focussed-trainings and need for newsrooms to rejig themselves to embrace technology and specialisation in in-depth science reporting are needed if challenges such as the COVID-19 were to have a minimal impact against the citizens of Africa.

Meanwhile, journalists across Africa who have been at the centre of COVID19 coverage have received rare applause for their creativity, resilience and boldness in their reporting of the pandemic.

Innovation, creativity, use of animation, drama, editorial and specific commentaries have helped the spread of COVID19 information for the containment measures across the continent.

The experience the journalists had on local and international capacity in covering HIV/AIDS was fodder for successful reporting on covid19.