Crosscall mobile launches a new range of devices and industry-first 3-year warranty

[purchase_link id=”0″ style=”plain” color=”” text=”” direct=”true”]Crosscall, the French brand specialising in outdoor mobile technology, is increasingly recognised in both professional and consumer markets for the durability of its products and intends to make durability a major asset in its offer by now offering a complete range, consisting of 3 smartphones and a tablet, with an industry-first a 3-year warranty.

Ultra-resistant, waterproof, long-lasting batteries… durability has always been part of Crosscall’s DNA! The mobile phone sector is often singled out for criticism, particularly in the area of programmed obsolescence so by offering particularly durable smartphones, Crosscall is taking the opposite direction to the trend towards increasingly short-lived smartphones.

Over the past 10 years, Crosscall has established extremely high-quality standards, validated by more than 80 laboratory tests, and built trustworthy relationships with industrial partners who implement precise assemblies and use high-quality components that are themselves tested, proven and sustainable over the long term.

Crosscall doesn’t want to be just satisfied with offering rugged, waterproof mobiles with long battery life. The company is making a strong commitment to its users by guaranteeing all the products in the new CORE range for 3 years. A range that should, therefore, set the standard and open up a new path for sustainable telephony.

“For us, this step represents the first of many in a project that consists of moving away from consumer-oriented telephony to telephony based on user needs and sustainability,” said Cyril Vidal, founder and president of Crosscall. “Our brand is based on the idea that phone is made to meet the needs of its users, to fit their lifestyle and to last, no matter what environment it is exposed to. Putting the user at the centre of our products’ design and committing to their durability is where the true innovation lies, ” he adds.

Today, Crosscall is aimed at an increasingly wide customer base, who want a different kind of phone, with a longer life span and which is adaptable to all types of daily activities.

Julien Furiot, Sales Director for Crosscall South Africa says, “We are incredibly proud to unveil our latest suite of devices for the savvy South African consumer who enjoys convenience and values durability. We kept you in mind when we designed these products and are certain it will meet both your personal and professional lives seamlessly. Every device also comes with a first-ever 3-year warranty, which is the result of 10 years of research and development work. With durable smartphones, there is less obviously breakage meaning companies no longer have to renew or replace their mobile fleet so regularly and this means the lower total cost of ownership over the long term.”

While the new CORE range was designed primarily for professionals and thought out according to the specific uses of the various vertical business lines, it was essential that it could also satisfy the most demanding everyday users. Extremely versatile, the CORE range represents a true modern productivity tool, perfectly adapted to an active daily life.

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