Declare ongoing drought a national disaster, Kenya government urged

The ongoing drought in Kenya rightly qualifies to be termed a national disaster, an environmentalist has said.
Speaking to Africa Science News in Busia county, the Kenya Forest Services coordinator James Were said, the drought has so far led to death of livestock, humanity and has hugely disrupted lifestyle and livelihoods.
“The Social-economic and environmental impacts of the drought are painfully felt across the Nation. Deaths of Livestock and humans turning to wild fruits for meals explains the situation in black and white”, he said
Nonetheless, Were remains optimistic that measures are being done to mitigate and avert the situation.
However, in certain quarters the failure by the government of Kenya to developed policy framework to deal with such occurrences has been criticised.
An expert who sought anonimity said the Kenyan government lacks disaster preparedness to handle such misfortunes, accusing the government department responsible for doing so little to restore public hope on food security.
Were urged departments of water and irrigation, environment, Agriculture and forestry to work together for common good even as effects are adverse.
He observed that the rising global temperatures have aggravated the climatic change resulting into dry spell experienced thus threatening further destruction of environment.
Drought is a climatic condition which conservationists have argued that can be averted through taking care of environment that entails preservation and conservation of environment.
However, Were alleged fears in the drop of seedling production adding that there is a 10percent drop between December 2016 and January 2017.
Said Were ” our seedling production across Busia county has dropped from 1,0058 seedlings in December to 950,000 seedlings in January as water usage for watering seedlings has gone up by 50 percent”.
He revealed that there is a co-relation between human destructive activities on environment and the now witnessed drought in the country.

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