Digital Geekaship launches its online Software Development training series


In January of this year, Digital Geekaship, a sister company of agile technology consulting company, Infoware Studios launched its online software development courses.

The Introduction to Software Development Basics and Full-stack Web Development courses enable access to practical industry-aligned software development training.  The classes will be delivered virtually via an online learning management system and online mentoring. Registration is open to anyone looking to start a career in software development.

According to Managing Director of Digital Geekaship, Tania Van Wyk De Vries, the course is structured at entry-level so that candidates with high potential who want to start or shift to a career in software development can join.  “The advantages of our approach is hugely beneficial for the participants and prospective employers. We focus extensively on building practical industry-relevant software development skills. Graduates, students and those who want to make a shift to a career in software development can enrol and be sure that they will be attractive to the industry once done,” Van Wyk De Vries says.

Incorporating their industry knowledge into the content, the facilitators (software developers, software engineers and development managers) designed the learning programme applying industry practices. “Through practice and mentoring, course participants learn fundamental software engineering skills, concepts and principles used in a real-world development environment – without having to do a 3-year technical degree,” Van Wyk De Vries adds.

Eighty percent (80%) of the content will have a practical focus where candidates work through industry-relevant real-work exercises and projects and twenty percent (20%) on coaching and feedback from the instructors.

We are passionate about building a skilled software development workforce in Africa that match global standards. We believe the online course can help us bridge the ICT skills gaps we have in Africa. Launching these courses is just one of our solutions to facilitate bridging that gap and building a vibrant, talented technology community,” Van Wyk De Vries concludes. The online courses are also open to corporate companies who require coaching for their junior developers.

The Introduction to Software Development Basics will commence on 16 April 2018 and end on 12 July 2018. The Full-Stack Web Developer course will begin on 16 April 2018 and end on 31 August 2018.  Registrations for both courses will close on 10 April 2018 with participants having a window of 5 – 10 months to complete the course.