Drought: The alarm bell for the future Kenya needs

Since October a severe drought, influenced by the effects of and enhanced by La Niña, has ravaged East and Horn of Africa. Urgent, life-saving measures are being taken which are absolutely essential to help alleviate the current situation. In response to the ongoing droughts and mitigation measures in place, Frederick Njehu, Senior Political Advisor at Greenpeace Africa has said:

“For the longer term, short term measures should not be the norm. Greenpeace Africa believes that the key to mitigating climate shocks and building resilience, lies in switching to ecological farming. Ecological farming is less water intensive than industrial farming, and does not use agro-chemicals which pollute the water and overtime deplete soil of organic matter which is key to locking moisture into the ground.

Ecological agriculture is the only way to ensure the East African region is resilient against a changing climate, and therefore Greenpeace Africa calls on governments and financial investors to take a stand for the future by putting resources and funds into ecological agriculture solutions.” Read more

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