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About ASNS

The Africa Science News Service (ASNS), published by a team of enterprising science journalists who are based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Their business arm that manages accounts and legal issues is called The Services in Scientific Work in Africa (SSA), which legally is the publisher of ASNS, a leading online popular science magazine featuring articles on important breakthroughs, the latest science news, facts and a whole lot more science-related content.

The website began in 2004 and is geared to providing apt, reliable and authoritative information about science and technology from Africa by Africa based reporters with an African eye.

Africa Science News Service has grown over the years and now attracts a large science-minded audience of around 1.4million people each month.   

Its users are from a variety of backgrounds and include students, scientists, science professionals plus a lot of intellectually inquisitive people who are simply interested in how the universe works.   

The site offers a uniquely inclusive approach to science: while maintaining high levels of editorial professionalism our content is written so that all can understand, and embraces a very broad range of subjects from the mainstream to the fringes.

We aim to help both government policy makers, individuals and organisations within Africa make informed decisions about how science and technology can improve economic and social development.

Our activities

Our free-access website provides news, views and information on science, technology from around Africa.

In addition, we are committed to provide:

Science communication research services,

Event organizing services,

Writing advertorial and

Running Publicity Services for Scientific institutions and individuals across Africa.

We intend to offer frequent training opportunities to young and budding journalists interested in writing science and budding scientists interested in communicating scientific research.

Mission Statement

The goal of ASNS is to be a leader in science and technology communicators offering alternative perspectives to development.

We seek to achieve this by enhancing the provision of reliable and authoritative information on such issues, in particular by operating a free-access news, views and analysis about science and technology from across Africa.

Our committed

While we invite donations and other financial support to help us realize our mission of helping popularize science in Africa, we are however committed to

  1. Editorial independence;
  2. Free access;·    
    Constructive dialogue on science and technology-related issues; and Implementing these commitments includes:
  • Providing perspectives and information of particular relevance to Africa,
  • Addressing the information needs of a range of communities, including scientists, journalists, decision makers, and those working in non-governmental organisations and international aid agencies operating in Africa;
  • Presenting information about scientific and technological activity in Africa to a global readership;
  • Covering a broad range of scientific and technological disciplines relevant to social and economic development and related policy issues;
  • Supporting capacity building for science communication in Africa.


Contact the publishers:

Services in Scientific Work in Africa,

Kampus Towers, 5th Floor,

Inside Syagga Associates,

P.O. Box 2141-00100, Nairobi, Kenya

TeL: +254-020-2051330

Fax: +254-020-240104

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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