Kenya’s Kitui County budgets for climate change

Kitui County Government sets aside funds to aid Climate Change Adaptation
Kitui County has enacted a law that sets aside one per cent of its Sh11.7 billion annual budget towards climate change adaptation.
“By the decision, the county wants to put climate change at the centre of its development planning and help vulnerable communities adapt to adverse weather patterns,” said Mr Nicholas Abuya of the Adaptation Consortium.
Abuya added that the regulations provide a mechanism through which counties and vulnerable groups can access climate finance to build their resilience to a changing climate in a more co-ordinated way.
Mr Abuya, said Kitui has shown commitment in climate risk management by organising residents through elected ward climate change planning committees to identify and prioritise projects based on agreed criteria.
Anglican Development Services executive director Esther Musili said effects of climate change have negatively impacted agricultural productivity in Kitui County. Increasing temperatures and unpredictable rainfall patterns have significantly reduced crop yields. Such an initiative will lead to increased productivity and reverse the cycle of dependency on food aid.

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