Chinese Functional Cure against HIV/AIDS in Africa?

By Correspondent

With preparations underway to celebrate the AIDS Day on December 1, a popular herbal concoction developed by a Chinese researcher has been hailed as proper and real solution to HIV/Aids and related complications such as tuberculosis.

Tian Immunity Booster (TIB), invented by Professor Tian Shengxun eight year ago, is already delivering new approach to effective and new HIV medicines, thus supporting those affected by HIV/ Aids. The therapy is the first oral Fusion Inhibitor drug in the world so far for one of the global health disasters of the century.  The therapy has been clinically used for HIV/Aids for almost 25 years mainly in Africa and Asia and expected in the European market soon.

According to Prof. Shengxun, as alternative HIV/Aids therapy, patients using TIB can survive for more than 12 years.   Studies conducted on TIB by Dr. Josef Schneider at Freiburg University (Germany) and similar study by Dr Peter Nara of Biological Mimetics Inc in Maryland State (USA) reveal the drug can inhibit replication of HIV. Other laboratory assays have been carried out in UK and Japan with amazing scientific results.

TIB is manufactured through modern technology as proper compounds extracted from more than 30 different pure Chinese herbs. It has multiple and powerful anti-viral and anti-bacteria functions. Therefore, it can handle most of Opportunistic Infections (OPIs) linked to lower immunity or HIV/Aids. That is how and why TIB can make people with HIV/Aids to reach proper and real functional cure.

TIB products have been clinically and widely used in Africa for almost 25 years and its clinical efficacy is very promising. Most patients respond very fast and recover soon after TIB therapy. For example, if TIB combined with universal standard anti-TB drugs, majority of HIV-TB co-infection patients’ sputum tests are turned to negative within 3-month treatment. Even one MDR-TB case monitored by doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital TB Clinic, the sputum test also turned to negative. The patient has been fully recovered after 6-month combination therapy from very bad general condition.

There are 4 different sugar coated TIB tablets (proper cocktail therapy), with active ingredients extracted from 100% pure herbs.  Unlike conventional ARVs, TIB Products are fusion inhibitor killing HIV virus in the beginning of HIV replication life circle. TIB blocks fusion taking place between HIV and CD4 cell, therefore stopping HIV from infecting CD4 cell. Actually HIV will rapture (die) within 72 hours if HIV cannot access CD4 cells. Therefore, TIB products offer true solution to HIV/Aids and patients can get real functional cure after TIB therapy.

The Chinese HIV/Aids therapy is motivated by March 2012 resolution at the first China-Africa International Cooperation and Development Forum on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy (Africa Forum on TCM) in Cape Town, South Africa.  At the forum, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was agreed to have preventive effect many diseases in Africa. Since 1960, Chinese medical teams have made contributions to improvement of local health conditions in African countries.

This has spurred Africans to understand the efficacy of TCMs. Furthermore, several African countries have passed legislations to recognize legality of Chinese supplementary medicine, especially acupuncture. For example, South Africa ahs officially incorporated TCM into her health care system and all herbal products be lawfully registered.

How TIB works

The success of Chinese Herbal medicines in Africa has aroused interests in more funding in scientific research. China’s traditional herbal medicines play prominent role in containing and treating acute diseases and many African countries benefit from substantial research in traditional herbal medicines.

Unlike many other herbal medicinal products and preparations, TIB has undergone extensive research, clinical trials and confirmatory studies in China, USA, Britain, Germany, Japan and Africa. TIB which has been recognized as the world’s first HIV/Aids oral entry inhibitor has filed for patents in European Patent Office.

All the tests confirm TIB is herbal anti-viral drug, which stops HIV viral multiplication, thus blocking fusion between HIV/Aids virus and immune T-cell, particularly the CD4 cell. Scientifically, the best strategy against HIV is to prevent or stop infecting a healthy immune cell in the very early stage—at the very beginning of HIV replication life circle.

TIB belongs to a class of medicines called Fusion Inhibitor.  Fusion Inhibitor blocks fusion between HIV virus and immune T-cell (CD4 cell) by preventing HIV from infecting CD4 cell (in another word killing HIV). Believe or not TIB is the first oral Fusion Inhibitor so far by now.

At the same time, TIB can protect bone marrow and stimulate to produce more blood; most of people with HIV/Aids even HIV-TB co-infection can get normal full blood count level after using TIB. Scientifically, TIB has been proven through different laboratory assays in UK, Japan, Germany and USA to protect CD 4 cell from infecting with HIV virus. Freiburg University Germany indicates that TIB is stopping fusion taking place between CD4 cell and HIV.

The fantastic result from Japanese laboratory assay showed that one of the four TIB products can 100% inhibit HIV replication and protect CD 4 cells. The most amazing laboratory assay is serum – pharmaceutical from same Freiburg University. The result indicates that TIB can increase the natural agent (natural inhibitor) called RANTES (Regulated on Activation, Normal T Cell Expressed and Secreted).

TIB is effective and non-toxic immune booster, critical to building and restoring immune function of patients who have been living with HIV/Aids for a long time without medication and even those on other treatments with little progress to better health. The studies show that patients on TIB recorded increased CD4 cell counts, particularly CD8 cell count, which is the most important marker of immune function and immunity levels.

The studies quote instances where patients stay on conventional ARV drugs for long without recording any significant increase in CD4, CD8 cell counts, thus showing that despite the evident suppression in viral replication, the mere use of ARV drugs does not necessarily improve health and immune function.

Only TIB does this wonderful job through stopping HIV viral replication and boosting immunity simultaneously. That is why TIB is titled as the guided missile for HIV/Aids virus,” explains the Professor.

Professor Shengxun has been treating HIV Aids in sub-Saharan Africa, the epicenter of the epidemic for the past 25 years. The natural anti-retroviral therapy has been developed and used to treat hundreds of patents with remarkable outcomes. In Africa, the disease is a social and medical burden which exerts more pressure on ever- dwindling resources.

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