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Safety of wildlife paramount in the midst of the pandemic

More than 50 community wildlife rangers from Kenya and Tanzania deployed in a joint border patrol this week in response to a potential risk of poaching. Funded by the European Union through the International Fund for Animal Welfare (ifaw), rangers simultaneously monitored the wildlife-rich landscapes along their respective borderlines, while staying within their international boundaries.

Royal Academy of Engineering launches Project CARE to support engineering innovation to fight COVID-19 in Africa

Five female entrepreneurs are combining their engineering and business skills in the fight against COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa thanks to funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering through its Project CARE (COVID Africa Rapid Entrepreneurs) initiative. The five are among the three Kenyans, two Nigerians, a South African and Ghanaian who have each received £5,000

Greenpeace lauds Kenya’s move on biodiversity

Greenpeace Africa has commended the Kenya government’s pledge to plant 1.8 billion trees by 2022 as efforts to reverse biodiversity loss in the country. Greenpeace Africa’s Campaigner, Amos Wemanya healthy ecosystems are vital for humans’ survival and wellbeing and added that biodiversity loss and degradation undermine the provision of valuable services such as the supply

COVID-19: Real food grown real good

By Wairimu Muthike As the Covid-19 crisis unfolds, production and access of safe and nutritious food to complement preventative measures is paramount. Good food boosts immunity and the body’s ability to ward off and recover from illnesses. As urban dwellers increasingly rely on urban producers for food supply, the safety of these foods becomes a critical

COVID-19: Medical technology partnership to advance healthcare delivery in South Africa 

South African healthcare practice management software provider, EZMed and specialised virtual healthcare technology platform, USA-based Medici, today formally announced a partnership that will help advance healthcare delivery in South Africa.  The EZMed and Medici platform is the first of its kind in South Africa and combines the best of virtual consulting technology with the backend

Enabling digitally-led trade growth is a key opportunity

By Vinod Madhavan  The Covid-19 outbreak is set to significantly impact trade growth for the year as countries limit physical movement to curb the virus spread. While the health crisis undoubtedly has vast negative implications for global trade processes, it is one that could be turned into an opportunity as it provides the political and

COVID-19: Pan-Africanism at an all-time high for continent’s youth, a new survey finds

While Africa Day (May 25th), the official day of the African Union (AU) marking intercontinental unity, takes place solemnly in 2020 on the backdrop of the continued outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), a recent study of Africa’s youth has showcased continent-wide resiliency, institutional trust, cohesion and collective ‘Afro-Optimism’ in facing the challenges ahead. The results of