Complete Farmer Launches Web Farming Platform

Farming is a great income generator but farming is also synonymous with a significant level of hard work – which is a deal breaker for most people.
Complete Farmer is working to change that by making farming accessible to anyone with the launch of its web farming platform, therefore providing an easy way to farm for all Ghanaians. With this platform, users are able to sponsor farms in exchange for guaranteed returns on investment after harvest. This enables users to earn money from owning farms without having to do any of the hard work that farming entails.
Expert farm managers do the actual farm work together with skilled labour from the communities where Complete Farmer operates, while farm sponsors monitor farm progress on their mobile or web devices from the comfort of their homes – or anywhere else. At harvest, Complete Farmer sells the produce to its purchasers, such as Blue Skies, exporters and agro-processors, for profit from which returns are given to farm sponsors.
“We are thrilled to launch this platform. With it, fashion designers, traders, corporate employees, retirees and other people from all walks of life can own a farm and enjoy the benefits without lifting a finger,” says Andrew Quartey, Complete Farmer’s Chief Technology Officer who is responsible for the elegant design of the dashboard where monitoring is done. “We set out to ensure food security in Ghana and create jobs for farmers and the youth in addition to growing our clients’ wealth through agriculture.”
Since its launch in June, Complete Farmer has made a total of 153 acres of chilli pepper, cassava, and ginger farms available for sponsorship, with all 53 acres of chilli pepper farms selling out in four weeks. Currently, sponsorship opportunities for cassava and ginger farms are still available on the website at with returns of 22% and 17.5% respectively. Also, Pineapple farms are scheduled to be open for sponsorship in a few days. Complete Farmer is expected to make at least 2 more crop farms available for funding before the year runs out.

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