COVID-19 in Kenya: Focus on screening and testing

By Henry Opondo

Kenya will roll out mass random screening of members of the public for COVID-19 beginning this coming Saturday.

Mutahi Kagwe Health Cabinet Secretary told the press that at the moment, the country has restricted its screening at the point of entries, mostly the airports.

“We have screed over 600,000 people who have entered our country from our entry points,” he said.

The outbreak of the coronavirus caught the country on the wrong side. Kenya had no testing capabilities and initial suspected cases had to be taken to South Africa.

However, thanks to donations, the country now has set up two testing centres, namely the National Influenza Centre hosted at the National Public Health Laboratories and Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri).

So far, 9,000 people have died due to COVID-19. In Kenya, 7 cases have been confirmed, six are Kenyans and a Burundian.

The Government has traced some 145 who met the people who tested positive for the virus.

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