Floods and COVID-19: Kenyan counties launch plan to safeguard farmers

County governments in Western Kenya have jointly launched a plan to cushion farmers against the devastating impacts of floods in the region.

According to Ruth Mukhongo, a technocrat and a senior officer in the county government of Busia, hunger is looming large across the country following the restrictions of COVID 19 and effects of floods on farming.

In an exclusive interview with the Africa Science News, Mukhongo reiterated that synergies in the agricultural sector from the national to county governments need to be embraced to save the now fragile sector.

She said agriculture as a backbone of Africa’s economy needs to be safeguarded especially during this COVID 19 era, adding that the real effect of this will be felt during the post-COVID time.

Mukhongo noted that with the dwindling world economy, the agriculture sector is now thrown into Oblivion and called on stakeholders to come in handy to salvage the already threatened sector via a via farmer.

” As a county government, we have rolled out a programme to give farmers incentives like maize, millet seedlings, tissue culture banana, traditional vegetable seedlings as immediate intervention sustain the vulnerable farmers who are not affected by floods,” said Mukhongo.

With the trend of COVID 19 and pandemics, there is a huge disruption of agricultural production and supply routes, the small-scale farming population will bear the biggest brunt. “We must do everything possible to limit our people suffering and help them find their way to sustainable development,” remarks Ruth Mukhongo.


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