Ford College Community Challenge Funds Student-Led Empowerment and Recycling Projects in Kenya

Creating community empowerment and recycling initiatives are the key drivers behind three new projects selected in Kenya for 2018 as part of the Ford College Community Challenge (C3), each receiving USD1 000 to implement their programs.

Ford College Community Challenge is a signature educational program of the Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company. Run in partnership with global non-profit organisation Enactus, the program promotes the development of innovative solutions amongst university students to address critical needs in their local communities.

Student-led community projects are supported in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom, striving to create a more sustainable place to live and work.

“The Ford College Community Challenge is a key part of our global strategy to empower young people to become transformational agents of change in their communities,” said Mike Schmidt, Director, Education and Global Community Development, Ford Motor Company Fund.  “Through C3, we recognise that students can be a huge force for good and that if we give them the right support, they can change in the world.”

The student team from Egerton University designed and developed an app that connects job-seeking women with potential employers. This entrepreneurial initiative is intended to grow into a business to empower greater numbers of women in different communities.

At Kenyatta University, the focus is on introducing innovative wastewater management and recycling systems to ensure access to clean and affordable water using readily available materials.

Recycling is also the central theme of the Moi University project, using glass and plastic waste to make a wide range of products. This involves collecting the waste, then combining crushed glass and melted plastic to create molded products such as paving blocks, partitioning boards, interlocking blocks, table tops and stools.

“We are proud to extend the Ford C3 grant to these three universities for their creative ideas that aim to uplift and improve peoples’ lives,” said Winnie Nanjala,

Deputy Director and Business Development Manager of Enactus Kenya. “The teams will submit regular updates to Enactus, and will be assessed to determine the success of their initiatives. Teams with the best projects may be selected to attend the Enactus World Cup.”

Enactus is a global non-profit organisation that brings together students, academic professionals and business leaders who are committed to using entrepreneurial action to improve lives. It mobilises over 1 700 university programs and more than 70 500 students in 36 countries across the globe.

An annual series of regional and national competitions provides a forum for teams to showcase the impact of their outreach efforts, and to be evaluated by executives serving as judges. National champion teams advance to the prestigious Enactus World Cup to experience excellence in competition, collaboration and celebration. The 2018 Enactus World Cup will be held in Silicon Valley in the US from 9 to 11 October.

Now in its 10th year, the Ford College Community Challenge program has awarded more than USD3-million to more than 125,000 students around the world.

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