Involve all gender in landscape restoration

By Adlyne Wangusi

Restoration of forests and landscapes must be for everyone, regardless of gender to achieve the common global target. For many years now women have been the champions for this global initiative. But at the ongoing Global Forum for Landscape Restoration 2018 in Nairobi, calls for the gender-balanced roles and implications for landscape restoration reverberated across corridors of meeting rooms.

“Men and women should be engaged together in order to carry out restoration,” Cecil Bibiane Ndjebet who is the president of REFACOF said.

She added that men and women should have different roles and expectation for successful implementation of this worldwide initiative.

She also urged the rural and indigenous women to be given an opportunity to matters of restoration by being supported through networking. Men, on the other hand, she said need help to understand and be involved in the development of and access to information.

Josephat Mwamba Mtwana the project coordinator of Mikoko Pamoja Community based organization in his opinion stated that in his organization of 15 people, men and women are given roles regardless of their gender and age.

He added that barriers of gender should be closed so that all should participate. He pointed out the creation of awareness as the best way to mobilize local women to fully take part in forest and landscape restoration. Where women farmers should be targeted more and also education to be taken on their doorsteps.

According to research conducted by the World Bank, the results indicate that 26% of household are presented by women where men are seen as productive and 20- 30% in 150 million are left to languish in poverty.


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