SES/BOEING unveil second generation NGSO Constellation

By Checky Abuje

The leading global satellite-enabled content connectivity solution provider SES in partnership with Boeing has unveiled the latest satellite called O3b mPOWER constellation that has 11satellites altogether

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony at Boeing satellite production facility in El Segundo, California, Jim Chilton, senior vice president of Boeing space and Launch  said that O3b mPOWER is an exclusive Boeing 702X satellite technology that will give Boeing a new look.

Chilton expressed his satisfaction for collaborating with SES to arrive at the next generation satellite system with internationally accepted standards as well as satisfaction of SES customers’ needs in the 21st century

The new technology which has the ability to dynamically adapt and scale bandwidth in real-time is the first of its kind on the space and satellite industry.

“The satellite industry is moving to a software-bases world, and I am proud to say we are leading this movement with innovation across the O3b mPOWER syatem” observed Steve Collar, SES’ CEO.

The launch is scheduled by the end of the year by SpaceX from Cape Canaveral.

The technology, purely ground infrastructure is largely software based that  intelligently allow connectivity services across the world network leveraging cloud networks to provide data analytics, geospacial tools, AI and machine learning services. According to Steve Collar, this has never been done before.

The intelligent-driven connectivity will enable users optimise their global bandwidth availability and resilience based on the fact that connection will be from tens of megabytes to multiple gigabytes per second.

Currently, SES’s next-generation non-geostationary Satellite Orbit (NGSO) constellation that operates on Medium Earth Orbitz (MEO) is delivering multi gigabyte connectivity to various global industries including telecommunications, maritime, government and international institutions and aviation.