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Earth Day: Communities need resources for climate action

Earth Day: Communities need resources for climate action

Grassroots communities need support with resources, and energy to solve climate change, and other environmental issues and take care for mother earth. Dr Roselid Nkirote, the executive director of the African Coalition of Communities Responsive to Climate Change (ACCRCC) noted that Earth Day 2023 raises the consciousness to take action that could save the only

Climate change: Latest IPCC report highlights the critical need to transform agrifood systems  

By Adelyn Wangusi   Transforming agrifood systems is essential to adapt to human-caused climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said today in the face of the latest report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The Synthesis Report, the last of the Sixth Assessment report

NOW is the TIME for Gender-Sensitive Responses to Climate Change

By Imali Ngusale  Accepting rhetorical statements to curb the climate crisis can no longer be accepted as a norm in the climate ecosystem. The time has come to include women in all their diversities within the climate change ecosystem of the decision-making process. Statistics from the 2022 SDG Gender Index show a continued lack of

Climate Change: Greenpeace claims IPCC to expose reality of deforestation

The state of the climate crisis on land and the urgent need to protect forests and shift our global food system to sustainability is expected to be laid bare in an upcoming authoritative UN report on Climate Change and Land. Ahead of the IPCC session in Geneva, Greenpeace Africa Senior Forest Campaign Manager Irene Wabiwa