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Older people unite to demand their right to participate in all aspects of life in Kenya

Older people unite to demand their right to participate in all aspects of life in Kenya

  As the world marks the International Day of Older Persons, medical cover programmes and the rising awareness on their rights of older persons are some of the gains achieved by Kenya’s older persons in the recent years According to a number of older persons interviewed, the government of Kenya has made significant milestones in

Kenya on spot over viper exports

By Gitonga Njeru, Mongabay Kenya recently restricted trade in two endemic viper species. But can a country riddled with corruption stop the trafficking before it’s too late for the snakes? Early this year Kenyan authorities placed tight new restrictions on the trade and export of several snake species, including the Kenya horned viper (Bitis worthingtoni)

Nigeria launches plan to end hunger by 2030

Nigeria has launched a strategic plan and roadmap to achieve zero hunger by 2030. Tagged “Synthesis Report of the Nigeria Zero Hunger Strategic Review,” the plan articulates what Nigeria needs to do to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2)—one of the recently adopted global goals that seeks to “end hunger, achieve food security and improved

Governments are not doing enough to stop wildlife crime

By Andreas Wilson-Späth A scathing new report shows that key countries affected by wildlife crime have failed to halt poaching and illegal trafficking of endangered animals as a result of widespread corruption andinadequatelaw enforcement, thus putting increasing numbers of species at risk of extinction. Wildlife crime – a multi-billion dollara year business run by large