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Bad blood between policymakers and scientists stifling Africa’s’ use of STI

  By Adlyne Wangusi   There is a bad relationship between researchers and policymakers in Africa, a fact that has stifled the contribution science, technology and innovation to policy development on the continent. Speaking during the annual Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) conference, Dr Nicholas Ozor who is the executive director

Building Resilience to Climate Risks in Africa’s Agriculture

By Mohamed Beavogui Agriculture represents tremendous opportunities for African economies. The sector contributed more than $100 billion to Africa’s GDP in 2016. But much of that potential could be realised if there are effective solutions addressing the factors that drive the under-performance trend in the sector. Over 60 per cent of the Sub-Saharan African population

ICANN’s drive to attract a broader global audience a key focus area of its 61st public meeting

The ZA Central Registry (ZACR) NPC, parent company to Registry Africa, will be traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the 61st public meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN). This year’s six-day meeting will focus on, inter alia, outreach, capacity building and showcasing ICANN’s work as leaders in Domain Name