AfriLabs, 2X Global announce partnership to advance intersectional gender lens investing

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AfriLabs, the largest network of technology and innovation hubs across Africa, and 2X Global, a global industry body focused on increasing the volume and impact of capital directed towards women’s economic empowerment worldwide, are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enter into a strategic partnership aimed at advancing intersectional Gender Lens Investing across emerging economies.

With a shared vision of increasing the flow of financial capital to promote sustainable development, including through Impact Investment, AfriLabs and 2X Global are committed to fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and capacity-building initiatives to drive positive change in the investment landscape.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with 2X Global, a leader in advancing intersectional Gender Lens Investing globally. This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity to leverage our collective expertise and networks to drive impactful investment in African innovation and entrepreneurship. Aligning perfectly with AfriLabs’ vision to support and mentor women entrepreneurs across Africa, this partnership signifies a crucial step towards fostering sustainable economic growth and development on the continent. We look forward to facilitating knowledge exchange, capacity-building initiatives, and advocacy efforts that will advance the intersectional Gender Lens Investing agenda across emerging markets, creating a more inclusive and impactful investment landscape.” – Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director at AfriLabs.

CEO of 2X Global Jessica Espinoza said the partnership presented a great opportunity for both organisations to benefit from the insights and networks of each other.

“2X Global and AfriLabs have a common focus on knowledge sharing and capacity building, not to mention a shared commitment to supporting women’s economic empowerment. So we’re really looking forward to putting this partnership into action by finding synergies to carry forward our respective, aligned missions.”

The memorandum of understanding outlines the terms of collaboration between AfriLabs and 2X Global in achieving their shared goal of increasing the flow of financial capital to promote sustainable development through intersectional Gender Lens Investing.

The partnership will focus on knowledge exchange, capacity building, and advocacy initiatives aimed at advancing the intersectional Gender Lens Investing agenda across emerging markets.


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