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The Future of Africa’s Agriculture Is Gender, Obasanjo says

The Future of Africa’s Agriculture Is Gender, Obasanjo says

By Imali Ngusale Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo has said in Addis Ababa that women remain the backbone of Agriculture but are disadvantaged because of barriers that impede access to resources needed to revolitoinise their input. Speaking at a high-level breakfast meeting on the margin of the 36th Summit of the African Union on Empowering

As Dr. Sanginga bows out of IITA

By Dr. Godwin Atser   On 01 November 2011, history was made— a little-known son of Africa would take over perhaps the largest agricultural research institute on the African Continent. That person was Dr. Emmanuel Nteranya Sanginga, who would become the first African-born Director General of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria. Before

Kenya to host international Poultry Expo

Demand for poultry products is on the rise in Kenya driven by an emerging middle-class created in existing and new urban settlements as a result of Devolution.   To feed the appetite, an estimated 1.5 million birds are slaughtered weekly from a population of some 35 million fowls being fed for meeting the increasing demand. The

Slow Food: COP27 ends, polluting food systems remain 

COP27 was meant to be the “Implementation COP”, but after two weeks of negotiations, existing pledges and national plans remain insufficient to reach the Paris agreement 1.5-degree target. Although food and agriculture have been higher up the agenda than at any previous round of climate talks, solutions put forward to help tackle their dramatic impact

GMO Maize is harmful to your health, Kenyans warned!

Anti-genetically modified organism groups have Friday urged Kenyans to reject food products labeled as such. At the same time, they castigated the government for trying to force GMOs on Kenyans. Biodiversity and Biosafety Association Kenya (BiBa) Kenya National Coordinator Anne Maina said GMO is not a solution to chronic hunger or poverty. “Importation and introduction

Case on punitive seed laws mentioned in Court

A public interest litigation filed by 15 farmers representing many other smallholder farmers across the country calling for an amendment of  punitive seed laws has been mentioned before the Machakos law courts today. “We are hopeful that with the case being mentioned today, the court will soon be able to hear our plea as smallholder

COP27: Governments urged to invest in food cold storage

At COP27, experts have called for increased investment in sustainable food cold chains to decrease hunger, provide livelihoods to communities, and adapt to climate change. “At a time when the international community must act to address the climate and food crises, sustainable food cold chains can make a massive difference,” said Inger Andersen, Executive Director

Farmers embrace smart insurance to guard against climate shocks

With the help of images taken via satellite and smartphones, ACRE Africa’s Picture Based Insurance (PBI) project is working to make smart insurance accessible to Kenya’s smallholder farmers. Doing so will help build awareness and trust around insurance-based products while simultaneously enhancing resilience to challenges posed by climate-related shocks. In Kenya, 80 per cent of