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Answering the challenges posed by antimicrobial resistance

Answering the challenges posed by antimicrobial resistance

Pascale Ondoa and Yewande Alimi   Staphylococcus aureus is the source of a skin infection that can turn deadly if drug resistant. Estimates regarding the most common resistant variation, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), exceed 100,000 deaths globally in 2019. But up until recently, we did not have a solid grasp on how much of a

Farmers in South Sudan on a path to success

Small-scale farmers in South Sudan, working with Africa’s largest non-governmental organisation ForAfrika, are poised to harvest vegetables and cereal crops planted across a record 6 700 hectares (67 000km2),  the organisation said on 22 September 2022. Hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people in South Sudan face starvation as climate change causes severe droughts

Malawi becomes first country in southern Africa to eliminate trachoma

Malawi has become the first country in southern Africa and the fifth in Africa to eliminate trachoma as a public health problem – a disease that affected 7.6 million people nationwide in 2015. The disease is a devastating condition which can turn eyelashes inwards so that they scrape painfully against the eyeball – left untreated, this

Only five of 15 antibiotic-resistant pathogens in Africa well known  

New data released today on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) from 14 sub-Saharan countries finds that only five out of the 15 antibiotic-resistant pathogens designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as priority pathogens are being consistently tested and that all five demonstrated high resistance. The multi-year, multi-country study was carried out by the Mapping Antimicrobial Resistance

Narok’s sewer system cited as an example of how innovative technology can solve health challenges

By Simon Thomas Kenya’s Narok Town’s first sewerage system has been internationally recognised for its positive effects on reducing incidences of waterborne diseases. Narok’s modern sanitary sewer network and treatment plant which was commissioned in late 2020 has been used as a case study at the Plastic Pipes XIII Conference, organised by the Southern African

More than Half of All Tropical Deforestation Directly Attributable to Industrial Mining

New peer-reviewed research published in PNAS today showed that Ghana is among 26 countries in the world where tropical deforestation is directly caused by industrial mining activities. Of these, Indonesia accounted for 58.2% with Brazil, and Suriname also standing out in the study, The researchers overlapped the geographic coordinates of industrial mines in operation from