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2021 Ashden Awards tackle global climate challenges  

Entries for the 2021 Ashden Awards have opened – with international categories promoting innovation in energy access, natural climate solutions and sustainable cooling for low-income neighbourhoods. The prestigious annual awards highlight outstanding climate innovations, boosting bright ideas that can be scaled up or replicated around the world. Award categories relevant to African applicants include the Ashden award for Energy Access Innovation, the Ashden Award for Humanitarian Energy, and the Ashden Award for

Call for global unity against climate change in Africa

By Joseph Checky Abuje joabuje@gmail.com As the world strongly steps forward to fight effects of climate change on humanity and wildlife migration in Sub-Saharan Africa, many questions arise, one of which is, has the world reached a point of no return in the effort to contain the ever rising global temperatures? However, as all factors

Leaders put heads together against climate change

By Joseph Checky Abuje joabuje@gmail.com   Participants at a climate change meeting convened by Kenya Climate Change Working Group (www.kccwg.org) have called for integrated approaches at all levels of governance internationally, nationally, and locally as a measure to mitigate climate change effects, that is giving the world’s sleepless nights. According to the speakers, there is

Kenya committed to tap into the Blue economy  

By Henry N. Opondo Kenya’s President has said the central government will support counties that border the Indian Ocean, lakes, and rivers to put in place elaborate plans to tap into the promising Blue Economy. President Uhuru Kenyatta said Kenya is proactively implementing policies aimed at tackling the challenge of water pollution especially from plastic

Environmental reporting in West Africa remains a challenge

By Joseph Checky Abuje While Africa is rallying policies and frameworks on environmental conservation so that this is prioritized in all socio-economic development, west Africa is, however, lagging behind the rest of the continent. In Liberia and Senegal for instance, governments do not have formulated policies that support Environmental conservation, hence anti-environment activities are on

Nairobi National Park acquires title deed for 2000 acres

By Joseph Abuje Kenya’s President has secured a title deed to Nairobi National Park for the 2000 acres of a Government land that was formerly known as Sheep and Goat Research Facility. “Giving the title deed to Nairobi National Park enables the Park to secure the much-needed space for wildlife and is a clear testimony of

Zoonotic diseases are on the rise, but preventing future pandemics is possible  

Protecting wildlife habitats, reducing urban demand for wild meat and early detection of disease outbreaks are among the recommendations to prevent the spread of future pandemics and avoid their damaging impacts, according to a White Paper issued by the Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWM) Programme, an Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) initiative, funded

Rising aflatoxins in food import worry East Africa states

By Joseph Checky Abuje   The East Africa partner states have expressed fear that there is increasing levels of aflatoxins in the foodstuff imported into the region. “The fight against aflatoxin can be won by putting in place the necessary legislation, regulations, standards, coordination, infrastructure, capacity development, and innovation,” he said, noting that efforts are