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8 in 10 young Africans want WIFI as a fundamental human right

On Human Rights Day, a recently published pan-African survey of young people finds that the vast majority (78%) believe that access to Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity should be a fundamental human right, while over eight in ten (81%) indicated that it is “…technology that will change the fortunes of Africa”. These findings ultimately suggest that

Agroecology a pathway to building sustainable food systems even during covid-19 pandemic

 Kenyan scientists are fronting agroecological farming approaches as a pathway to building affordable and resilient food systems. Agroecology principles is a diversified farming system that aims for longer-term sustainability of the natural ecosystem and social livelihoods besides the production of safe and sufficient food. “Having agroecology embedded in existing agricultural, food, environmental and climate change

Kenya committed to tap into the Blue economy  

By Henry N. Opondo Kenya’s President has said the central government will support counties that border the Indian Ocean, lakes, and rivers to put in place elaborate plans to tap into the promising Blue Economy. President Uhuru Kenyatta said Kenya is proactively implementing policies aimed at tackling the challenge of water pollution especially from plastic

Nigeria: Agricultural Council trains seed agents

The National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) has trained 38 third party seed certifying agents in Kogi and Benue States, as part of efforts to ensure the effective regulation of the seed industry and offer farmers easy access to seed certification. The training, which was conducted in the framework of the Building an Economically Sustainable Integrated

COVID-19 pandemic looms large over a malaria-free future

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the world held the line in protecting historic gains against malaria this year, saving hundreds of thousands of lives, preserving fragile health systems, and keeping malaria at bay in countries with zero local cases. However, long-term success in reaching a malaria-free world within a generation

Every move counts towards better health – says WHO

Up to 5 million deaths, a year could be averted if the global population was more active. At a time when many people are homebound due to COVID-19, new WHO Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour, launched today, emphasize that everyone, of all ages and abilities, can be physically active and that every type

Africa’s First Online Clinical Trial Community launched

Africa’s leading research bodies have launched the Clinical Trial Community (CTC), a platform that will provide quick and real-time visibility of African clinical trials sites, capacity, and capability. The first of its kind on the continent, the CTC platform will also link relevant initiatives that support the conduct of trials; enable timely ethics and regulatory review; and