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Biosecurity experts urge universities to secure biomaterials

Biosecurity experts urge universities to secure biomaterials

By Patrick Amunavi University researchers can play an active role in contributing to the development of effective measures and practices aimed at securing biological materials and technology that could otherwise be misused by destructive elements to produce biological weapons or lead to their proliferation. According to experts meeting at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture

€4 billion EU pledge for small business

By Gitonga Njeru in Abidjan The European Union, has pledged more than €4 billion for small business startups for young people. The Union will work closely with many African governments to implement its grant program. The grant program to run annually and will prioritize agriculture, science and technology innovations that promote economic growth and job

Researchers and policymakers meet in Tanzania to discuss cassava agronomy

Scientists across Africa meet with policymakers in Tanzania under the auspices of the African Agronomy Initiative (ACAI) to discuss the progress made in the last two years in providing clues to the agronomy of cassava. The meeting, holding 11-15, December, is set review the progress made by the ACAI—a project managed by the International Institute

UN Biodiversity Convention, Future Earth collaborate for global conservation goals

  The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and Future Earth today agreed to strengthen their collaboration around a number of key areas. The memorandum of understanding, signed at at the twenty-first meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice, being held 11 to 14 December in Montreal, Canada, is

KWS new digital radio system for wildlife surveillance

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS),  a state agency in charge of wildlife managemenrt has said that it has put in place a state-of-the- art digital radio system to improve its efficiency in surveillance of wildlife in the country. The project has been accomplished through assistance from the French government which extended a 700-million shillings loan

Crisis of invisibility in Sub-Saharan Africa: Less than 1 in 2 births registered

Ninety-five million children have not had their births registered across Sub Saharan Africa, and if decisive action is not taken, these numbers will soar to 115 million by 2030, UNICEF said today. According to UNICEF, the data has been released so as to prioritise birth registration as a first and critical step to a functional

Caution as Madagascar’s plague epidemic slows down

Although the unprecedented outbreak of pneumonic plague in Madagascar’s is slowing down, the WHO has however cautioned that the response be sustained. “The worst of the outbreak is over, but we must stand ready to detect and respond to new infections until the end of the plague season in April 2018,” said WHO Director-General Dr